Rancho Santiago Catahoula Leopard Dogs





 MARIA IN BAD TRAFFIC CRASH.  Youkon rolled three times but saved her life.




THANK YOU for your kindness, prayers, & good wishes.

Jim & Maria 


         before                                       after car rolls 3 times 

        Our Maria is not faking fractures of the back & ribs.  















                     OH NO!..... YOU MISSED OUT ON ME....... I have been SOLD. 

            OR YOU MAY JUST BE LUCKY.... scroll down... to see if any pups are avaliable.




                           OH NO !  YOU MISSED OUT ON ME..."I WAS SOLD",







                                      Wag! - Dog Walking & BoardingWag! - Dog Walking & Boarding

 On behalf of Wag!, We congratulate Rancho Santiago on the Best Catahoula Leopard Dog Breeder of 2017 Award and your 2nd award as best Catahoula breeder for 2018.




                      JOHNNA McCLOY AS KENNEL MASTER.




Catahooula workingDogs told "get behind"

Johnna McCloy 

Rancho Santiago's Kennel Master.















           Great Catahoulas are no accident... it is in their blood!






Our goal is to produce the best of the Catahoula breed.



           A few of our Rancho Santiago pups from over the decades




















Rancho Santiago's       Elvis at 6 weeks

        Elvis at 17  months 75#

                Elvis at 2 years 100#  STUD DOG.






              Dr. Jim and The Maria


















          MARIA GAMBLE

            ("The MARIA"

 Co-Owner Rancho Santiago

    Catahoulas and Mules










                        JIM GAMBLE 

              Co-Owner Rancho Santiago

                    Catahoulas & Mules








Location of Rancho Santiago Catahoulas

Located 9 miles north of Dickens,Texas, which is 70 miles east of Lubbock, TX, north off of highway 82 in the heart land of the Texas historic ranching country.  Rancho Santiago is located between the Spur Ranch on the West, the Matador Ranch on the North the Pitchfork Ranch and the 6666's Ranch located East of our place in the sun.

Directions to ranch / contatact phone numbers provided on request.

Dr. Jim Gamble may be contacted by email though our Contact Form.




CLYDE  (best of Catahoulas)                            CLYDE 2   (6 month old pup)


                                                             (Tough Strong Minded NOT Mean)

Grit is the great equalizer. It has nothing to do with a southern food. Grit is a uniquely American concept and a 1800's slang word.

Grit is toughness and tenacity with that added courage and determination to not quit but to go all the way through an ordeal to a goal no matter what happens.

Grit is that extra factor that "gits er did" anyway no matter how difficult or challenging.

Grit is the extra stuff that helps make full use of what talent and intelligence the dog, mule or person possesses.

Not all dogs or Catahoulas or people have grit.

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas have grit.

Nuff said,

Dr. Jim


Rancho Santiago Catahoulas have "grit" and that is a multigenerational fact says Dr. Jim.


Rancho Santiago Catahoulas are serious professional quality hunters, cattle workers & companion dogs. All of our breeding stock hunt and work as did their parents, grandparents, great grand parents and past generation after generation of their blood line are proven sound in the field working


                     1 year old "Pancho" with his first recovery by blood trailing.  Pancho's story on site under "buyers"

8 month old Rancho Santiago pup on the job.

Troy G. and his Elvis X Emma pup in the woods in Illinois. His Rancho Santiago Catahoula pup is in training to trail wounded game.

"He is a special pup at our home".




Rancho Santiago Catahoulas blood trail or follow scent to recover wounded game for many hunters, guides, and professional hunters.  Many of our Cataholas seek out and retreive shedded antlers for their owners.  Our pups naturally watch over their kids, their families & their property... these great dogs take their duty and work very personally.                               

" What can a person use these intelligent, athletic versital Cathoulas for?" "It is proven fact that a good Catahoula can do any job the owner wants it to do".   (Don Abney's The Complete Lousiana Catahoula  Leopard Dog)



Rancho Santiago is a NALC Certified Breeder.  

All of our breeding stock is NALC registered.  

All Pups are elgible for registration with the NALC.

When the NALC sends the pup litter registration papers to Rancho Santiago Catahoulas we will forward that paper to our buyers so their pup can be registered with the NALC. 


                  Why do we choose the Catahoula breed of dogs?


 (we recently received these questions from one of our buyer's from the Ukraine)

Dr. Jim,

Some questions for you… 

Have you really been breeding these dogs for 30 years now?   Maria and I have been married for 31 years.  We started out with our first Catahoula the first year of our blessed marriage. We would have been with Catahoulas for more than 30 years, but we did not meet a Catahoula earlier in life.  I should have married Maria de Jesus much earlier in life, but I did not meet her earlier, either.

Why Catahoula Leopard in particular?  I have worked, hunted with dogs and raised different breeds of dogs all of my life = raising and hunting beagles when in junior high school…  running greyhounds & wolf hounds hunting coyotes, jack rabbits & racing on the plains… raising and hunting Bassett hounds… raising trailing hounds & hunting raccoons, bobcats, mountain lions and bear with baying hounds such as Blue Tick hounds, Walker hounds, Black & Tan hounds… hunting wild hogs with Catahoulas, bull dogs, Kemmer Cur dogs, Mountain Curs, … working cattle with red and blue healers & Australian Shepherd dogs… training Doberman Pinchers… hunting quail & pheasants with Weimaraner bird dogs along with our many adventures with mixed breed dogs.

Our first Catahoula was a gift from a Texas Ranger, friend. We named her, “Bosco”, after a childhood cartoon character.  It was immediately evident to us that the Catahoula embodied all of the intelligence, personality traits, emotional depth, loyalty, loving "their" people heart, companion - friend personality , a natural protective attitude, grit with a no quit attitude, love to work attitude, medium to large size, innate natural genetic hunting and herding instincts along with the physical strength for which we had searched for years.

Plus, Catahoulas work well with mules.

There are good traits in most breeds, but for us no other single breed  posesses the whole package. For Maria and me, the Catahoula is the quintessential definition of the “better dog” because for us Catahoulas have it all and can do it all.

As Don Abney states in his book concerning Catahoulas “there is nothing a good Catahoula cannot do that its owner wants it to do”.  Maria and I have found Abney's statement to be totally true. 

Dr. Jim and The Maria





                       "Mules and Catahoula dogs just naturally fit together"  Dr. Jim.

"We personally prefer the Catahoula breed of dogs because they have that 'good ole boy' type of hound dog people loving personality but they are tough as nails & smart. Catahoulas are quite friendly to people they know at the ranch, love and protect kids, are compatible with mules, good barn dogs, devoted companions, and tough spirited in the hunt with no quit in them and they even come in 'camo' color."



               Life is peaceful in that special

                        dog / boy / man zone






                                   LIFE IS PEACEFUL IN THAT VERY SPECIAL GIRL - DOG ZONE. 








 Red Opie with Dr. Jim & Maria's Great Grandaughter (Christmas December 2016)


"Mya loves the family! Wherever the kids are you will find Mya." Ryan Mc.





This Rancho Santiago Catahoula is a loving family dog. He gets along with the little dog. NOW check out this Catahoula's eyes ...do you think he will let any harm come to his gals?... NO WAY !



Life is not at all peaceful in this Catahoula - Hog War zone.


        Are These Gritty Rancho Santiago Catahoula Working Dogs

                              Good With Families and Children ?


"Do Rancho Santiago Catahoulas make good family and kid dogs or personal companions?"  

ANSWER:  " YES" about 2/3rds of our pups go to families or single folks. Their natural protective instincts and loyality comes from their  genetic in-bred foundation as working dogs, herding dogs  & hunting dogs... DR. JIM



This Elvis X Fleet pup born, grown & raised in our kennel.  He had never before been in a house. He bonded with "his" little girl the same day he was picked up at the ranch by his new family.                                                     

One day together and already #5 pup's eyes already ask the person taking the picture....."why are you looking at my kid!".







 Do Individually selected Rancho Santiago Catahoulas have a safe history with children & are they proven to have the personality for living in a family setting as loyal companion & natural protection dogs who love thier children?


                                              YES !




Rancho Santiago's line of Catahoulas have an exceptional record as Catahoulas that love "their" families, play with "their" children, and protect "their" people.


Rancho Santiago Catalouas are happy, people loving, tough (not mean) personal companions and strong willed dogs who naturally protect "their" family & property.

The Inborn behavioral qualities required for great  hunting & herding dogs are the behavioral foundation of our Catahoulas' protective loyality towards their people, their children, their home, their environment, & their property.







note:  This very young pup sharing his kennel with "his" litte boy is putting the eye on who ever is taking the picture... his eyes say...Why are you looking at my kid?       




Every dog, mule, and people are individuals with differing personalities. Your pup must be selected for their unique individual personality as it fits you or your family needs.




Rancho Santiago kennels were located under the shade and protection of an 80 year old apricot orchard.

Sadly, after a 5 year long drought the apricot trees surronding the kennels at the ranch and all over Dickens county died even though we watered. We are replanting with cotton wood trees.

The kennels are built two feet off of the ground with the floor slanting towards the back for easy daily wash outs to aide in sanitation.

Estaben... highly skilled construction & renovation artisan.... friend


Our Marine son Chris with his son home for holiday.

Whelping House #1 was remodeled this fall.


Whelping kennel house #1 is now divided into two whelping rooms and a puppy run for each side of the house. Warm in the winter with heat lamps and cedar shavings on the rubber stall matt floor and the shade of a huge elm tree and fans inside the house for summer comfort for a bitch and her pups.





#2 Whelping house was added this summer.  





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