Rancho Santiago Mules for Sale


         ***** Sold  *****


  Cadillac Jack & Dumplin


                                        Brad and Theresa M. in Idaho



 Sold "Dumplin"


                Sold         "CADILLAC JACK"


"Just to get it said... this mule is one of the two best mules we have had the pleasure of working and riding in the last 30 years....the best!"  

says Dr. Jim









         Rancho Santiago's War Paint


Do you want to know all about War Paint's personality ?….. just look at War Paint's calm eye and the peacful eye of the little cowgirl!

Nuff said, Dr. Jim  



            SAFE SAFE SAFE        


Tremendously EXPERIENCED on the trail, on the hunt, leading pack mules, packing out Elk.


War Paint is the result of 25 years of planned breedings of registered Appaloosa mares to our jack stud, Black Gold.

Bred, born (8-4-02), raised and trained at Rancho Santiago, Texas.

15 hands tall. 12 years old. Zero problems. Finds us in the pasture.

There is only one War Paint... there will never be another Rancho Santiago's War Paint.


                    Considering sale to a special individual.  

                           Contact us if you have interest.




Rancho Santiago’s War Paintwas bred, foaled (8-4-02), raised and trained at Rancho Santiago.

This wonderful appaloosa mule is the result of 25 years of breeding at the ranch. 

His sire is Rancho Santiago’s jack stud, Black Gold .

 War Paint’s mare is Rancho Santiago’s Chinita, a registered appaloosa mare.


We have known War Paint every day of his life. 


Rough Country Mule: Hunting, Trail, Riding or Packing


Professional hunting guide Mike Dillard (rimrockadventures.com)

"War Paint is the only pack mule or horse that will stand over a pile of steaming guts while we are loading up the meat and HE GOES TO SLEEP" says the professional hunter. 


War Paint is an Elk hunting specialist.


Snow on the mountains and hay in the corral.


Novice mule man / hunter leading War Paint out.





       Parade Experienced.     Parade Winner.     Parade Safe!




   War Paint has been there, hunted that, and packed it out..... the real thing...... that's a fact.



                              Gonna just sit there & let him go over the rise and leave you behind?

War Paint is a once in a life time special best of mules. 



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