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"Limousine Red"


Tremendously EXPERIENCED
Superior smooth very fast walk!

Working under professional guide's saddle, Mike Dillard (rimrockadventures.com), in the mountains hunting elk, bear, lion plus raccoon and hog hunting following hounds on Texas ranches... also handling cattle.

Dr. Jim likes how Red stands quietly in place so his rider can take pictures or use binoculars to check out what is happening across the canyon in the wild country

Limousine is 11 years old.
15.1 hands tall. Stout & Strong.
Sorrell with light mane and tail

Price: $9,870.00

"This Red mule is the best mule Rancho Santiago has ever owned in 30 years... nuff said"  Dr. Jim

OMG this Limousine Red mule is way too expensive!

NO, he is not really expensive.

Actually Limousine Red is cheap!

Compared to the cost of an emergency room visit, the pain of a broken body, can't make it to work or God fordid the loss of a life because of some spooky goofy snide mule.

Well, Limousine Red is a best of a safe mule. Red wil take care of you.

No living feeling animal is 100% bomb proof, but Red is close as you can get.

Check out his personality by looking at his calm eye.

Nuff said..... Dr. Jim

Red stands still to mount,
tack up, & work feet.

Pure no quit mule power all the way to the top.


Superior smooth very fast walk!

Red's long extended stride is smooth and eats up the miles.

Red can outwalk most Tennessee Walking Horses... he definitely has some "gaited" ancestry in his blood line.

Very experienced hunting with hounds and hog dogs.

Gonna let him walk away from you or take your Red mule home?

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