Rancho Santiago's Catahoulas standing at stud



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Bosco is not just beautiful. Bosco is a top rank working Catahoula






Great Catahoulas are no accident.  It is in their blood! 
Diamond B's Bosco National Association of Lousiana Catahoulas



  As you can tell "Bosco" & our blood line of Catahoulas are not those narrow headed snippy nosed  type type of Catahoulas that look like they are out of a greyhound.

Rancho Snatiago Catahoulas have a good strong squared up type head, deep wide chest, muscles, and stout bone frame and the muscling to go with what we call a quality best of Catahoulas.


Blood Lines of Bosco
Diamond B's Bosco is the result of line breeding of cousins that are top of the line hog hunting and cattle herding Catahoula dogs. Bosco is built stout like his grand sire, Trooper. The stout and muscular Bosco out of "Sun Country's Buck and his grand sire Trooper dogs are also agile and can go all day long.
These blood lines go back to the breed foundation of the "Top Hand" line of Catahoulas. Bosco's blood goes way back into the foundation of sound Catahoula dogs that have made this breed a solid hunting & herding breed of dependable working dogs.

                                                          Bosco and a few of his Catahoula pups.


"Bosco" is out of a 7 generation line of the breeds foundation hog hunting and cattle working Catahoulas developed in Mississippi, Lousiana, and Arkansas. Boso's sire is Sun Country's Buck (a national cattle working award winner & superior hog dog) and Diamond B's Bounce a superior gyp. 


Our Catahoulas are medium ranging hog hunting dogs.
When told "Get Behind" Bosco falls back into line behind the mules and follows in single file. We can call out the name of a dog following the mule and it will go out and lead while winding for hogs. When we call out sooooeeee to the Catahoulas they fall out of line and go to work getting a hog.
This line of Catahoula dogs that Bosco has descended to us from will flat out put their heads down and trail a hog alone or right along with the best of hounds that trail hogs.
Bosco's bunch of Catahoulas are especially good a "winding hogs".
Our Catahoulas will bay a hog and have the grit to take hold of a hog.
Ask 3 year old Rutita if Bosco is loving & good to kids.
 "Bosco" at 6 weeks of age.



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