Registration & Transportation

All of our breeding Catahoulas are registered with the National Association of Lousiana Catahoulas. 

 All of our puppies are elgible for registeration with the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas.

Rancho Santiago does NOT cross breed our pure blood Catahoulas with other breeds of dogs.
Please be aware that our Catahoula breeding stock are NALC registered. 


                  Rancho Santiago does not transport puppies to buyers


Rancho Santiago Catahoulas

does not ship or transport dogs. 

We are occupied full time raising and training Catahoulas. Providing consultations to schools, parents and counseling therapy to emotionally troubled children.
Fortunately for our peace of mind and the replenishment of our souls, the rancho is two miles away from any pavement in the quite peaceful Texas country. 
Unfortunately, We are a 200 mile round trip from the nearest airport making air transportation impractical by time, miles and cost for us & buyers.
Most of Rancho Santiago buyers pick up their pups at the ranch so they can see the parents of their great pup. Many buyers arrange for friends or other buyers to pick up their pup for them or use a professional dog transporter.
Do what is best for you and the pup.
Over the years our buyers have experienced good service from these 2 transporters. 
T. J. Turner Professional Dog Transportation

T. J. TURNER, owner  

Delivers all over the U.S.A.                       

T. J. is a good Dog man. Nice folks... trustworthy.

Retired Army Sargent T. J. is easy to get along with and returns phone calls & texts promptly. Call T.J. for a price quote. 

Facebook/TNT Dog Transporting

 Phone 1: (937) 622-5744 

 Phone 2: (937) 489-8878



Redwing Hound Haulers

They are willing to travel to most anywhere in the USA to transport your dog from point A to point B. Prices may vary depending on location, so be sure to call for a quote.


(509) 563-2024

 Alternate Phone 1: (509) 680-2602

 Alternate Phone 2: (208) 946-9627



The truck and customized trailer belorn to Red Wing Dog Haulers. Rancho Santiago will place your dog on the transport in excellent healthy totally sound condition.

Dog Transport

After placing your dog on the transport any liability issues concerning the condition of your dog upon arrival are between you and your transporter. 








Puppies may be picked up from Rancho Santiago when weaned at 6 to 8 weeks & have passed their vet. health check up. 

Please arrange an appointment for a time & date to pick up your pup. Friday, Saturday or Sunday is best for us.

Please email us for detailed directions to the ranch and contact phone numbers.  We will need you phone # and directions to your place.

You can expect that your puppy will have been dewormed at least two times and vaccinated for Parvo only in accordance with our veterinarians recommendations.Your pup will require additional deworming & vaccinations with Parvo / Distemper vaccine or the 5 way or 7 way vaccine... ask your local vets recommendations.   


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