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Cucumber & Linda in Arizona























I have been reading and hearing a lot of horror stories about people landing in the hospital because of a bad mule. I am so thankful  I picked Rancho Santiago for my first and subsequent mule purchases. 

I have been riding with other mule owners and short ear owners and almost everyone comments on how nice of a mule I have. I am very happy how he is settling in to his "grown up" self. I can open gates off his back that no one else can, partly because he will open or shut swinging gates himself upon request using his nose and chin. He crosses any water, never balks at going anywhere and can navigate any tupe of terrain no matter how steep or rough. I can high line or tie him to the trailer on a long line and he never gets tangled. On the last camp out, we camped with others in a cow pasture. At nite I left the trailer door open for ventilation. CuCumber either stood right outside the door or layed in front of it. Never worried about anything getting me. Was a great trip right up to the moment where CuCumber backed up all the way to the end of his rope, positioned his butt over my girlfriends chair and deposited a nice warm pile of steaming road apples. Luckily she wasn't in it. Funny now, not so much then.
He always entertains people with his antics, his kissing without warning in hopes of cookies, his grunting talk and not to forget his coon jumping and laying down on command to mount. I am continually asked how i taught him all that. Short answer...not sure who taught who.
Thank you so much. I think I can safely say we are partners for life.
Warmest regards
Linda & Cucumber
Ms. Linda is a fine mule rider and a favorite buyer - friend of Rancho Santiago.
Dr. Jim and The Maria


Dorthy Taylor and her mule, "Molly".



Dr. Jim,

Molly did really great in the hurricane.  Barn was unscathed.'
Molly has cataracts and only sees shadows.  I've "blind-proofed" the barn and grounds.  She gets around just fine.  I love her very, very much.
Otherwise she is in good health.
This wonderful photo glows with the long time love betweem Drorothy and her aged mule "Molly".  
Rancho Santiago is happy and honored to have one of our great mules in such loving care over many years with good folks. 
Molly and Dorothy and husband have ridden in many parades and events over the years. 
We are thankful that all are safe and well inspite of the rcctent hurricane. 
Dr. Jim & Maria


Mary of Colorado with her 2nd Rancho Santiago Paint Mule "Socks"



Hi Jim,

 Socks made it just fine, arrived Saturday evening.  Clint and Ashley stayed with us and we all had a good time. 

I am so impressed with Clint's horsemanship skills.  Socks is so relaxed and easy to handle.  He was not dehydrated in the least.  I think they even cleaned out their horse trailer before pulling up to the ranch. 

I highly recommend Clint McCloy for mule and horse training and services. 
Thanks for helping mules find great homes!



Ms. Mary and her "Pebbles" mule at Colorado Mule Days




Ms. Mary, 
We are thrilled that you shared your & Miss Pickles adventure at the Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days.  You are both class acts.
Mike asked me last week if I had heard from you.... we are really happy for you good lady.  We appreciate you keeping us up on your mule adventures. 
Life at the ranch is great and blessed with rain.  
Happy Safe Trails, 
Jim & Mike
at Rancho Santiago


Jim, thought you would like to see how Miss Pickles is doing!  How are things at your ranch?


Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:32:53 -0600

Pebbles aka Miss Pickle, placed 2nd in the Saddle Mule class at the Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days this morning.  It was a large class, over 10 entries with both Johns and Mollys.  A nice mule from New Mexico got 1st place. 
Happy Riding!




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